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Commercial spaces have unique needs that can only be met by certain types of flooring. These spaces have to look professional, help keep people focused, and help increase health and safety. It has to do this without costing too much. These are all advantages of commercial carpet. It’s worth understanding how commercial broadloom carpet meets and exceeds each of these standards. Some of these advantages are immediately clear, while others only become obvious by using a few examples:

Aesthetic :- 

Hardwood floors look good, but over time in large commercial spaces, they will begin to show wear. Floorboards will creak as humidity warps them; you’ll see some unevenness between boards; and you may encounter mold and mildew issues. While they do lend a space a rustic look, they also make it appear darker and more confined.

Commercial broadloom carpet offers a range of appealing aesthetics. This includes lighter carpet that can open up a room, as well as extensive pattern options that can help a space appear more dynamic. Repeating patterns are pleasing to the eye and can be used very effectively to subconsciously guide guests around a space. Carpet that’s properly rated for heavy foot traffic will maintain its appearance without problems for a long time and won’t expose itself to hardwood’s risk of warping or becoming uneven

Noise Reduction :- 

The click-clack of shoes – especially any kind of business shoes – on a floor can drive employees, clients, and customers up the wall. It can create an unwelcoming space. Employees in particular will be able to focus far less efficiently and will find themselves constantly distracted. Offices in particular deal with a great deal of noise. Staff is required to move around and consult with each other frequently. Hard flooring options like hardwood and tile don’t just make the noise of footsteps audible, they will also echo that and every other little noise throughout a space. This includes ringing phones, voices, clacking on keyboards, filing cabinets opening and shutting. It makes a space incredibly inefficient.

One of the biggest advantages of commercial carpet is that it absorbs sound. This means that you won’t hear the sound of most footsteps, and when you do, they’ll be much less noticeable. Perhaps even more importantly, it means that every other sound won’t reverberate down the hall and throughout every little space.

Cost :- 

Most other flooring solutions are expensive. Of all the advantages of commercial carpet, the most obvious one is its inexpensive cost. The material cost itself is much less than other alternatives, and installation is easier on the budget as well. Commercial broadloom carpet that’s rated for certain levels of foot traffic retains its look for an incredibly long time. Maintaining it is relatively easy. This isn’t residential carpet, where cleaning it can be a chore. Your maintenance staff will be able to clean a commercial carpet swiftly for years without causing it wear. Many of these carpets are very stain- and melt-resistant as well, and they’re easily treated to increase these characteristics. They’ll resist spills, dropped equipment, and abrasive wear better than many other types of flooring. This means you won’t need to replace it as often as you would certain other flooring solutions.

Cleaner Workspace :-

Commercial carpets don’t just absorb noise. They also absorb many pollutants. These are easily lifted out again through cleaning. No other type of flooring helps clean the actual environment of an area like this. This can help foster a cleaner working environment. It may mean fewer sick days and more focused staff. It can also mean staff that breathes easier.

Cleaning carpets doesn’t require harmful chemicals that can impact staff, clients, and customers with allergies, asthma, or other breathing issues. Harsh chemicals are a major trigger for those who have these kinds of conditions. Being able to keep a space free of these chemicals by using carpet and green carpet solutions does two things. It helps your space stay more eco-friendly, which is a great selling point. It also helps keep your staff safer and healthier, which helps them and you. Beyond this, a healthier staff exposed to fewer pollutants and fewer harsh chemicals also means less expense to the insurance coverage you provide them.

Increased Safety :- 

It may seem obvious to point out that carpet is a soft surface. Installation of commercial broadloom carpet also utilizes a layer of padding underneath the carpet. You won’t really notice it as you walk, but the combination of padding and softness will save a lot of wear and tear on your joints. This helps staff feel more comfortable and stay more focused on a day-to-day basis. It will also help older staff, clients, and customers all feel more comfortable in a space. Beyond this, it can also increase physical safety. A fall on hardwood or hard tile can cause extensive injury. A fall on carpet with padding underneath can mitigate some of that injury. In some cases, what would have been a broken bone on a hard floor may just be a bruise on a padded carpet.

You’re also much less likely to slip on carpet in the first place. Any spill or slick surface – even just on freshly cleaned tile that’s been thoroughly dried – can risk a slip and fall incident. By its nature, carpet has a texture that drastically reduces any chance of a slip. This is one of the hidden advantages of commercial carpet. An injury can result in lost staff time or – worse yet – a lawsuit from staff, client, or customer. Oftentimes, this exposure to liability can irreparably harm a business. Flooring that reduces both the risk of a slip and the extent of any injury can pay for itself many times over by the situations it helps prevent. Work with a commercial flooring company that has extensive experience in many types of flooring. The team at East Coast Flooring & Interiors is ready and able to point you in the right direction on these advantages, as well as to help you realize your aesthetic goals in a beautiful way.

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