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Learn the advantages of vinyl flooring, including durability, ease of maintenance and appearance retention. Use this guide and visit our store to consult with our experts firsthand.

Luxury Vinyl is the perfect flooring choice for an active family with kids, pets, and life happenings. Vinyl is Waterproof, Kid Proof, and Pet Proof with durability, easy-maintenance, and scratch or scuff resistant protection. Plus- it can be installed in practically any room of the home, even in high moisture areas!

Types of Luxury Vinyl :-

Solid Core Luxury Vinyl :- 

Solid Core Vinyl construction has an incredible firm, solid core creating the ultimate stability and durability. Solid core offers a complimentary blend of the rich, natural beauty of hardwood and ceramic tile with the exceptional performance and comfort of luxury vinyl.

Fusion Core Luxury Vinyl :-

Fusion Core Vinyl consists of multiple layers with the most important being not only our Durable wear layer for the ultimate protection from scuffs and scratches but also the waterproof core. Fusion Core Luxury vinyl comes in many wood and tile looks – sure to compliment your style for any room in the home. This luxury vinyl construction has all the components you need for an active family.

Flex Core Luxury Vinyl :-

Flex core Luxury Vinyl is the most traditional vinyl floor in the LV category and shrinking based on the distinct advantages that Fusion Core and Solid Core provide for installation. Flex Core has a durable wear layer but any unevenness in the subfloor will transfer through the surface

Grout able Luxury Vinyl :-

Grout able Luxury Vinyl has the best of both worlds of having warmth underfoot and the option of grouting the vinyl. This luxury vinyl is durable, easy to maintain, and even more realistic visuals with the option to grout. The visuals consist of both stone and hardwood looks. Plus- keep your mind at ease with not having to worry about chips or cracks!

Sheet Vinyl :-

Sheet Vinyl is a layered construction which has two types of construction identified by the type of backing used: felt and fiberglass

Felt :-  

Felt back vinyl must be installed with permanent adhesive so it sticks to the subfloor, otherwise it could curl up at the ends. It also needs to be stored in the installation room for 24 hours to let it acclimatize to the room conditions. An installation of felt back vinyl is not recommended for area with potential moisture issues.

Fiberglass :-

Is the most popular choice in sheet vinyl today due to its simpler loose-lay installation. It can be installed with releasable adhesive or no adhesive at all, making it easy to repair should your floor become damaged. Fiberglass also doesn’t have the curling problem felt has, and it won’t shrink, crack or warp with exposure to handling or the elements. This type of construction provides a more resilient, cushioned feel underfoot and offers the most comfort!

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